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Filip Kurota

Manufacturer of handmade knives


About Me

Hello! I am Filip Kurota

Good day,

Welcome to my website. My name is Filip Kurota, I come from Ostrava and I have been making knives since 2010. I have been interested in sharp tools since I was very young. I made my first knife out of wood for my grandfather when I was nine years old. Knives have accompanied me throughout my life, both in my childhood scouting years and during my culinary studies and subsequent career as a cook and chef. During these years I also started making knives. I learned not only how to work with knives, but also how to take care of these tools and what to expect from them. In 2019, this beautiful artistic craft became my full-time livelihood. I mainly produce folding knives using modern machine processes according to my own designs, which are created using pencil and paper. The subsequent design is destroyed during production, therefore every piece I make is an original.

Name: Filip Kurota

Age: 34

Phone: +420 733 551 523

Address: Ostrava, Czech Republic

Experience: 10 Years

Instagram: fildaknives

Knives for sale

Pearly elegance

The blade is made of rwl34 stainless steel powder, 2.6mm thick and 96mm long. The bolsters and string stirrup are made of gr.5 titanium, which is blackened and has a matte finish. The liners are also made of titanium. The spring is made of ak5mo, which means I used a laquiole lock (slipjoint with notch, notch lock). The mother-of-pearl used on this piece is natural over a hundred years old, which was originally intended for the handles of luxury razors.

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An unusual outdoor kitchen knife

A sturdy knife with an unusual shape, which will be a great companion on the go if you like to prepare food other than dumplings over the fire. The material is corrosion-resistant n690 and the handle has a patinated acacia tumor. case made of "bovine prosthesis". semi-tanned leather, which was used in the past for the manufacture of prostheses.

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Multitool school

I called this knife that way mainly because this piece was a new experience for me and mainly a school. Making such a complex knife is very difficult even for an experienced knife maker, and one could say a challenge. The material of all blades and scissors is Swedish stainless steel Sandvik 14c28n, 2mm thick. liners are made of titanium, 1mm thick. The bolsters are made of bronze and the quill of Ak5mo. Palisander Santos wood handles.

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On this knife, I tried out the new-to-me groove scraping technique used on traditional French folding knives. these grooves are scraped by hand using a special tool. It's such an elegant dining piece. The blade is made of powder stainless steel rwl34, the bolster with internal screws is made of alpaca, the handle is made of elforyn, the liner is made of titanium gr.5 and the perko is made of ak5mo. Laquiole fuse

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This simple knife with a clean design hides its essence in the material. modern rwl34 powder is used on the blade. liners are made of titanium gr.5 and handles of interesting and rare zirconium. This unusual metal is similar in composition to titanium and the original purpose for this material is in the nuclear industry. very hard to find. gives this piece a stamp of originality and unusualness. the spring of this knife is made of stainless steel ak5mo and the safety laquiole (notch lock, slipjoint with a tooth)

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